About the Temple

The Kalachakra Buddha Association (KBA) is part of the True Buddha School founded by Grand Master Lu. Situated on 32 acres of land overlooking Lake Lavon near Farmersville, Texas, a suburb in North Dallas, the Temple is easily accessible from surrounding area.

Everyone is welcome at the Temple. Guest will enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings, finding peace, tranquility, and refuge from the difficulties of modern busy life.

KBA currently has five buildings, consisting of the main sanctuary, the fire puja (fire offering ritual) shrine buildings, the dining hall, library, and a range of accommodations for visitors. Future expansions include a beautiful Peace Garden, consisting of a water pond, walking path, and quiet sitting places for visitors to enjoy.


KBA offers a variety of Buddhist services including :

- Daily Meditation Practice
- Weekly Homa Practice
- Tai-Sui (Year Guardian) Pacification and Lamp Offering
- Annual Blessing Ceremony
- Feng-Shui Consultation
- Prayers offered to those who are sick, dying, or suffering


Monday Whole Day Close
Tuesday - Friday 11:00am ~ 5:00pm Open
Wednesday 11:00am ~ 5:00pm Open
2:00pm Sutra Copying & Q&A Session
Saturday 11:00am ~ 6:00pm Open
2:00pm Eastern Medicine Consultation,Counsel(Call for appointment) **
Sunday 11:00am ~ 5:00pm Open
2:00pm ~ 4:00pm Dharma Practice/Meditation Fire Puja Ceremony(Refer to calendar)
4:00pm ~ 5:30pm Dharma Talk Q & A Session
Every 1st & 15th of lunar month 11:00am ~ 12:00pm Meal Offering
3:00pm ~ 4:00pm Earth Deity Dharma