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2024 January-March Events Schedule

2023 October-December Events Schedule

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2023 January-March Events Schedule

2022 October-December Events Schedule

February Activities
2/02 7:30pm
Lunar New Year - Yellow Jambhala Fire Puja Ceremony
2/03 2pm
Lunar New Year - White Jambhala Water Offering Ceremony
2/04 2pm
Lunar New Year - Red Jambhala Water Offering Ceremony
2/09 9pm
Lunar New Year Eve,Ringing Bell / Group Prayer of the First Incense / Jade Emperor Prayer Service
2/10 10:30am,11:30am
Meal Offering, Earth Deity Dharma
2/11 2pm,4pm
Vajrasattva Practice, Walking Meditation
2/18 2pm,4pm
Golden Mother Vyaghravaktra Vajra Fire Puja, Walking Meditation
2/24 10:30am,11:30am
Meal Offering, Earth Deity Dharma
2/25 2pm,4pm
Root Guru Yoga、Walking Meditation
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