2019 April-June Events Schedule

2019 January-March Events Schedule

2018 October–December Events Schedule

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2018 April-June Events Schedule

March 2019 Activities
03/03 10am,2pm
Buddha Instrumental Chanting, Mandala Offering
03/07 11pm,4pm
Meal Offering, Earth Deity Dharma
03/10 10am,2pm
Buddha Meditation Course,Padmakumara Water Offering
03/17 10am,2pm
Health and Wellness Course, True Buddha Repentance
03/21 11pm,4pm
Meal Offering, Earth Deity Dharma
03/24 10am,2pm
Buddha Meditation Course,Rice Mandala Offering
03/31 10am,2pm
Buddha Instrumental Chanting,Qing-Ming Memorial and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Water Offering Ceremony
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